Lizard Island

Tamahra Prowse jewellery design Lizard Island Queensland

Designer Tamahra visited Queensland's Lizard Island and was stunned by the natural beauty and rare wilderness she found there.

Lizard Island’s unique location on the reef places it at the center of inner and outer reef systems as well as fringing reefs; all forming a critical part of the eco-system that is home to the most diverse, colourful and intriguing marine animal and plant life.

Tamahra Prowse inspiration coral

Snorkeling over giant clam gardens, schools of tropical fish, sharks, turtles and a myriad of hard and soft corals left her inspired, and more determined than ever to protect the oceans and reefs. 

Tamahra prowse casting process shell

The Oceanic series of pendants, rings and cufflinks is for those of us who treasure their connection to the ocean. $5 from the sale of each piece will be donated to the Australian Marine Conservation Society  in support of their Ocean Plastic Pollution campaign.