Recover reuse recycle

Jewellers are very very good at recycling their precious metals. The closed loop system was definitely possibly invented by a jewellery maker! In fact we even go so far as to keep our dust from vacuums, used emery paper from our benches, and sweepings from our catching drawers (the drawer that sits under bench pegs that catches dust and filings from the making process). There is an innate understanding of the preciousness of the materials that we work with. 

Did you know that at Tamahra Prowse Jewellery we will buy back or recycle your unwanted gold, so you can invest in new jewellery? Get in touch to turn an unloved or out-of-fashion piece into something you cherish and can wear everyday. 

The Oceanic series of pendants, rings and cufflinks is for those of us who treasure their connection to the ocean. $5 from the sale of each piece will be donated to the Australian Marine Conservation Society  in support of their Ocean Plastic Pollution campaign.